Discover the amazing secret to how you can get the benefits of a full hour of exercise in just 10 minutes a day!


You can rapidly build strength and bone density, shed pounds,

maximize athletic performance, boost energy and even

reverse health problems – all thanks to the


Noblerex K1 Whole Body Exercise Vibration Machine!


You’ll have more speed, stamina, strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination! Plus you’ll see less cellulite, experience collagen improvement and fat reduction. Best of all, k1platinum-2you’ll get these astonishing benefits without jarring or exhausting exercise!

Ten minutes on the Noblerex K1 is better than an hour at the gym!

The vibrations from the Noblerex K1 do all the work – increasing the production of regenerative and repair hormones, improving blood circulation in skin and muscles, strengthening bone tissue, improving lymph drainage, burning calories like crazy, and increasing your metabolism.

It’s perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels – especially those who don’t have time to exercise or those with a disability!



A8 Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. The Noblerex K1 is strong enough for: Sports Teams Health Clinics and Clubs Physical Trainers and Therapists Chiropractors… because it’s commercially rated

But It’s Inexpensive Enough for Home Use.

It’s perfect for the person who wants to:

  • Improve Overall Health.
  • Concentrate on Joint and Bone Pain.
  • Strengthen Posture and Improve Flexibility
  • Gain Energy and Strength
  • Build Body Tone and Conditioning
  • Counteract the Effects of Many Debilitating Diseases and Health Concerns
“Any one, any age, any size will benefit from just ten minutes a day on the Noblerex K1. If you can sit or stand on it you can do this!”

There are probably as many reasons to use the Noblerex K1 Platinum machine as there are people.  It offers so many benefits to its users that they are just too many to list, but here are a few:

  • Break down cellulite and fat
  • Improve skin appearance and tone through increased circulation – reduce varicose veins
  • Your face will look younger due to increases in collagen production
  • Boost production of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is vital to overall function of the body’s emotional and physical well being
  • Reduce the “stress” hormone while increasing serotonin levels (the ‘happy pill’ your body can produce naturally)
  • Build muscle strength and tone
  • Reduced convalescent periods following an injury or surgery
  • For a better, all around feeling of energy, stamina and even increased sex drive
  • A full restful night’s sleep
  • And of course – Lose Weight and Inches. Get your body back!


All with just a 10 minute ride – starting with 3 times a week!

Many of the people who see a Noblerex K1 often ask, “Is that all you do is stand on it?”

You can, and you’ll get an entire body workout by doing so. But there is so much more you can do with the Noblerex K1. Use various positions and exercises – emphasize those portions of your body you really want to work on. Break up the routine by changing positions. That is why with the machine you’ll also get a free exercise poster to show you all that you can do.

If you’d like a free video download of the machine in action and various exercises, just fill in the information in the box below and watch your inbox. You’ll be amazed at how versatile the Noblerex K1 can be. Fill in the box below for your free video!

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Vibration technology was invented by the Russians for their space program to counteract bone and muscle loss in space. It was noted to have impressive results!

Now bring this down to your personal level.

What could the Noblerex K1 do for osteoporosis?

osteoporosis Vibration exercise helps with osteoporosis and brittle bone disease. Bone formation is largely the result of two things:

  1. Muscle activity contributes to bone growth. On the K1 muscles are given a strenuous workout therefore increasing bone growth.
  2. Hormonal activity increases bone growth. Through exercise on the K1 hormone levels are stimulated.

And you’ve got to remember that the K1 delivers a full body work out – one you’d have to spend an hour at a gym to get – in only 10 minutes right in your home without jarring, injury causing exercise such as a tread mill, running or even walking! It’s perfect for those concerned with osteoporosis.

At the same time it has been documented time and again that exercise helps those who suffer from diabetes, coronary problems and heart disease and high blood pressure. That is almost a given anymore and doctors will often prescribe exercise as an initial and ongoing treatment in conjunction with these health problems.

But in addition, those who use the Noblerex K1 whole body vibration machine have often reported positive results with:

· Parkinson’s Disease · Multiple Sclerosis (MS) · Spinal cord injuries · Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) · Emphysema · Incontinence · Osteoarthritis and Rheumatism · Fibromyalgia · Multiple Sclerosis · Gait issues · Restless Leg Syndrome · Blood flow problems · Muscle atrophy

It’s no wonder that sports clinics, health clubs and physical therapists all use the Noblerex K1.

  • Athletes use it for accelerated training and body conditioning
  • Personal trainers use the K-1 because their clients love the quick results
  • Therapists like the way the vibration technology speeds recovery times
  • Doctors like it BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Let’s face it: We’re living longer! But with that longer life we all want QUALITY OF LIFE, right?

The Noblerex K1 can help you achieve physical quality and keep that physical quality in your life – for a good long life!

ist2_3410787_active_mature_ But still, the top reasons people use the Noblerex K1 are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Toning
  • Overall Improved Energy
  • Being Pro-Active About Your Health!

It only takes 10 minutes a day to receive the workout of an hour on any other equipment or exercise regimen. Start with three times a week and move up from there as you are ready.

Yes, you can get vibration machines cheaper than the K1, BUT…

The Noblerex K1 is the only machine that is commercially rated in this price bracket. Others are sold at three to four times the amount you’ll pay for the K1.

You really get what you pay for when it comes to vibration exercise machines. Cheaper versions are out there but:

  • The motors are less powerful and subject to frequent breakdowns.
  • The vibration is not as fast so your body does not receive the workout it needs. Vibrations below 18 times a second provide weak exercise sessions.
  • The vibration is TOO fast to provide your muscles time to contract and relax, the whole point to a good vibration workout. Those that claim vibrations 30+ times a second are way too fast for proper workouts.
  • The vibration action is jerky and just as important – it can be the wrong kind of vibration.
  • Linear vibrations (up and down) provided by cheaper models are proven to be less effective than oscillating vibrations provided by the K1. Your exercise session is more jarring to your body on cheap machines.
  • The entire light weight of cheaper machines allows them to vibrate across the floor during use – placing wear and tear on parts – plus they’ve been known to topple over.

If the Noblerex K1 is built strong enough to handle the tough, frequent use these machines get in clinics and health clubs it’s certainly built strong enough for your use at home!

Listen to an interview with fitness expert, professor of physics and even a TV host of the show Forever Young, Bryant Meyers, who spent 3 years researching whole body vibration:


Click on the scroll bar above or right-click here to download the MP3 to hear about the Noblerex K-1 and its competitors – AND MORE!

When you break it down you really get your money’s worth with the K1. It will give you:

  • Years of trouble free, consistent exercise sessions.
  • Exercise done the right way. Vibration exercise done the wrong way can actually do you more harm than good.
  • Better health, long lasting results, better skin and muscle tone and circulation which also lead to so many other health benefits like…

Check out what other users of the Noblerex K1 have to say:

“Relieved Carpal Tunnel Symptoms”
"The machine is simple and easy to use; I look forward to using it every day. It has also helped me with overall health, giving me more energy and completely relieving my carpal tunnel symptoms. I wholeheartedly believe in this product."

Jessica Nielsen, Asheville, NC


“Off of Bone Density Medication”
"I’m 45 years old and have a family history of osteoporosis. I went online and purchased the K-1 machine about a year ago. I just had a bone density scan and my spine has straightened up completely and my bone density percentage hasn’t dropped off at all – I’m still the same I was before but now without any medication except calcium!"

Kathy Williamson

Isn’t it time you became serious about your health, your future?

Ten minutes a day is all it takes!

“From Wheelchair to Walking!”
"Before I received my machine I could not walk any distance without my cane and even very short distances, and with a lot of hurt. When going to a store I would have to use a wheelchair. I could not get up from a sitting position without help. I had so much constant pain in my neck that I had used heat to relieve the pain. I could not turn my head without painful cracking. No pills or heat helped. I could not even bend over to tie my shoes or pick up anything from the floor. Now I have this machine for five weeks and all this is gone. I can walk without my cane, I have cancelled a nerve block for my neck, I am all over my yard and house. I even loaded a wheelbarrow with firewood and pushed to outside fire and then built a fire. I can do my vacuuming. The changes in my life are so amazing that any one who saw me a month ago cannot believe how I am today, but the changes began after the first use. My husband could not believe what he was seeing. The improvements keep on daily. I am now pain free, and never go without this machine."



“Firmer and More Defined Muscles in the First Three Weeks”
"The K-1 is the most amazing fitness tool I have ever used! Within 3 weeks of using it I noticed a big increase in muscle strength and size. The muscles in my upper body much to my surprise became almost rock hard. Everyone who knows me is shocked at the difference that one month has made. Every single person who has tried my K1 has been blown away by what just 10 minutes can do."

Seth Pruzansky, Bowdoinham, ME


“Now Walking With Less Pain"
"Ten years ago I was in a car wreck and experienced major nerve damage in my foot, which for years caused pain when I walked. Since I started using the K-1, the pain has lessened to such a degree that I can walk and be physically active more than ever! Just 10 minutes a day on the machine."

Nancy Winter, TN

You could spend an hour at the gym, day after day, and not receive the benefits you would from the Noblerex K1 in ten minutes.

  • Save time and money!

  • Exercise in the convenience of your own home!

  • Firm up, shape up, and tone up!

   • Tackle troublesome health problems and back or joint pain!

  • Better yourself and your future!


YES I want my own Noblerex K1! I am ready to experience the benefits of Whole Body Vibration and get in the best shape of my life!

Retail Price: $3,495.00

Now Only: $2875

Sale price INCLUDES: FREE shipping anywhere in the continental US, 1 year warranty, DVD, exercise straps, exercise poster, Money Back Guarantee and unlimited support. Sales tax to Florida residents only.

To Order by Phone, Call:

800-K1-VIBRATION or 800-518-4272

But don’t forget about the guarantee of satisfaction!

guarantee Risk Free Guarantee

Your Noblerex K1 Platinum comes with a 1-Year Warranty. If anything happens to it, we’ll fix it or replace it free of charge. The company has hardy ever had people call in about a machine problem. Your 15 Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee, starts from the day your receive your delivery and includes FREE shipping back anywhere in the continental US. If you are not completely satisfied, simply call us and we'll arrange to have your Noblerex picked up, and you will get your money back, no questions asked.

Did I mention you have our lifetime support on this? E-mail or call with questions anytime!

Order now and you won’t pay full retail price – SAVE $600!

Retail Price: $3,495.00

Now Only: $2875

Sale price INCLUDES tax, FREE shipping anywhere in the continental US, 1 year warranty, DVD, exercise straps, exercise poster, Money Back Guarantee and unlimited support.

PLUS! You’ll receive these bonuses to make your Noblerex Experience the Best It Can Be!

Lenette on the Noblerex k1


Free Bonus #1: Free Shipping anywhere in the Continental US! – Up to a $200 Value. Shipping to Canada, AK, and HI will cost only $175.

Free Bonus #2: Free 15 Day Trial – Try the Noblerex K1 for 15 days and if you are not completely happy we will give you a full refund AND pay for the return shipping. We’ll even arrange to have our shipper pick it up from your home.

Free Bonus #3: Access to our Advanced Training Videos and Materials – These videos and tips are found nowhere else and include exercise programs used by the top whole body vibration trainers worldwide.

Free Bonus #4: Extras – Upper Body Exercise Straps, Large over-sized poster, and DVD demonstrating over 30 different exercises and the muscle groups they target.

Free Bonus #5: One-on-One Expert Support and Advice – This bonus alone is priceless. You will have your very only expert trainer guide you and help you in using the Noblerex K1.

Free Bonus #6: Recipes and Meal Plans – You will receive a copy of our Noblerex K1 Weight Loss Recipe Ebook

Just Added!

Free Bonus #7: Affiliate Bonuses – The opportunity to earn referral checks from us in the future by referring a purchasing friend, family member, client, or co-worker.

Free Bonus #8: Free Additional Year of Warranty – Order a Noblerex K1 now through the end of 2011, and you will receive a free additional year of our unlimited, full-replacement warranty, making it a full 2 years! You will receive a 4 year parts warranty after that as well. No paperwork to fill out, no hassles, or fine print — If you are in the continental US, you don't have to pay a cent out of pocket if anything goes wrong with your machine under normal use.

Retail Price:


Now Only: $2875

Sale price INCLUDES: FREE shipping anywhere in the Continental US, 1 year warranty, DVD, exercise straps, exercise poster, Money Back Guarantee and unlimited support. Sales tax to Florida residents only.

To Order by Phone, Call:

800-K1-VIBRATION or 800-518-4272

PS. The price of the Noblerex Kl will go up soon! Act now to lock in your savings, take advantage of your eight bonus offers, and remember the “Satisfaction Guarantee”! – but you have to act now as the manufacturer can change this savings of over $600.00 at any time!

PPS. What is the cost of your health? As you get older it goes way up! Now is the time to take action and get the health you can live with in the future – even tomorrow.

"When I began using the Noblerex K1 I was into a size 12 and when I looked into a mirror I felt like I was in someone else’s body. I am now comfortably in a size 6 and my friends and family say that I look healthier than they have ever seen me look. I hold a B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, and understand the vital importance of lymph drainage and bone density- especially at my age- so I use the NoblerexK1 for these extraordinary benefits as well. And the icing on the cake for me is that I can also get a massage. So these days I enjoy a healthy diet and I know I am taking care of my body on a multitude of levels with minimal effort in a few minutes a day. I wholeheartedly recommend the Noblerexk1 to all who now ask 'what is your secret?'"
Kathryn Angel

Order your Noblerex K1 Platinum now and take advantage of the savings, free shipping anywhere in the continental US and all of the bonuses included – plus the GUARANTEED SATISFACTION – not only on the machine itself but of your new, personal lifestyle! 

Retail Price: $3,495.00

Now Only: $2875

Sale price INCLUDES: FREE shipping anywhere in the US, 1 year warranty, DVD, exercise straps, exercise poster, Money Back Guarantee and unlimited support. Sales tax to Florida residents only.

Or Order By Phone!

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